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A Little Bit About Me:

I’ve wanted to be an author since I learned that fiction is a gateway to other worlds. I’ve long had a passion for science fiction and fantasy, and will pretty much read anything in those genres I can get my hands on. I’m also a massive fan of video games, my favorite being Phantasy Star IV for the Mega Drive (Genesis in the U.S.). My favorite movie is Blade Runner (2049 is pretty hot too… only time will tell if it snags that coveted top spot from its predecessor!)

The teenage years brought all the confusion of questioning my sexuality, and my twenties brought all the fun of addressing gender confusion, but in my thirties I can say that I’m comfortably bisexual and non-binary. Some are a little confused when it comes to that last point: “but you haven’t changed your name or pronouns!”

You’d be correct. Transitioning isn’t for everybody, and it’s not right for me. That’s not to say I don’t ever experience dysphoria (I do!), but for me, it’s manageable, and my body’s always been pretty good to me in that I don’t appear particularly femme despite being AFAB (assigned female at birth). I feel like I’m most comfortable the way I am. As for social transition, I’ve never held any particular disdain for my given name. Again, it’s comfortable. It doesn’t cause me any distress to bear it, even on days when I’m feeling pretty masculine. Same with pronouns: you’re welcome to use them/they, but she/her or even he/him are fine (Just not “it”. Never “it”. Bad memories *shudder*). I’m not one to split hairs; for me, what you say isn’t nearly half as important as the intent behind it. Be respectful, and I won’t mind your questions, even if they are awkward or politically incorrect. Maybe that’s because I live in a very conservative area, but I’m used to people having no idea what non-binary gender means, and I’m happy to explain what my interpretation of it is and what my experiences as an enby person are, if asked. Just bear in mind that everybody’s mileage differs slightly: what’s true for me could be completely wrong for someone else. I’m also happy not to discuss it at all and let people assume what they will: there are plenty of people in my life who think I’m just a gender non-conforming woman and that’s OK too. I’ve had women tell me I’ve inspired them to try jobs outside of normal gender roles and I’ll never argue with that: in my mind, anything that lifts people up and inspires them to think outside of the box is A Good Thing.

As for bisexuality, it’s not a binary term like some suggest! I’m attracted to people and personalities. The term “pansexual” never resonated with me personally, because I tend to be a straightforward person who likes to express themselves as clearly as possible in terms laymen will understand. In that sense, “bisexual” has way more traction with people unfamiliar with LGBTQ issues.

I write a wide variety of LGBTQ fiction. Sometimes the rest of the rainbow has a tendency to get drowned out by the vast popularity of M/M over the other stripes, but it’s not all bad news. My enby/intersex romance, with them/they pronouns, Hinori’s Journey, is my most rated and reviewed work on Goodreads. Besides, I’m not in this just to sell books. I have a whole other career for making money. I write because seeing yourself in fiction is powerful, and it’s something that was often missing in the books I loved as a child. I want to give that experience to people now, so that regardless of age they can read science fiction and fantasy romances that are about them, for them.

Author Bio:

Victoria was born in the United Kingdom but emigrated to the United States at age 21. She’s bisexual, gender non-binary, happily married, and still shouts in a British accent. She lives with her husband in Pennsylvania where she spends a lot of time playing and talking about video games, especially Japanese role-playing games.

Besides the Culture Wars series, she is the author of Wings of Destruction, an asexual m/m romance novella published by Less Than Three Press, The Miracle, an F/F short story published by Evernight Publishing, and the forthcoming m/m romances Reunited (Totally Bound Publishing), Nami (Wilde City Press), and The Dragon’s Curse (Less Than Three Press). She loves to write about all colors of the rainbow and celebrate love wherever it may be found.

About Reviews:

I don’t take review requests anymore. I only review books that I’ve bought and personally enjoyed. This is because I would prefer to DNF books I don’t connect with, and would rather only spend the time writing reviews for books I really enjoy or have something relevant to say about. Being tied to writing reviews is exhausting and I could never keep up with the backlog. If you really feel a book would be a great fit for me based on previous books I’ve enjoyed, feel free to recommend it to me on Goodreads and I’ll try it out. Truth is, finding the right fit can be tricky with books. Even books others have loved are often just not right for me, and I love some books the mainstream audience has no time for. If you want to make recommendations, bear in mind that my favorite genres are LGBTQ science fiction, fantasy, and historicals. Contemporary stories are very hit and miss: I don’t care at all for frat boy/college/boy-next-door type stories or gay-for-you type deals, but I do like well-written books that deal sensitively with disability, depression, mental illness, and trauma/abuse themes. I need plot with my romance!

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E-mail: landale@me.com

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