Culture Wars

Here’s a brief overview of the Culture Wars Series Timeline.

2178: Dissolution of Federal Government. Due to corruption, the U.S. Federal Government is dissolved and government left up to individual state governments. (Referenced in New World Rising)

2228: The Purge. The Moral League wins elections in San Francisco and immediately begins the forcible destruction of what it considers “obscene materials”, including book burning. GLBT people are routinely imprisoned during this three week rampage and many die in custody. (Referenced in Written In The Snow, Written In The Stars, New World Rising, Weeping Willow and New World Rising)

Written In Stone (Culture Wars #3): Bill Ashwood is set to become the most powerful man in Florida since the separation of America into individually governed states. Discovered by the League and primed to win the governorship in an election, Bill is expected to give the voters what they want – a fiery speech condemning gays in America. Despite his reservations, Bill goes ahead and gives the speech.Daniel Wilson, journalist for a top Miami newspaper, gets a late-night phone call from his assistant, Marissa Steingard, asking him to watch the video of Ashwood’s speech. Incensed by what he sees as a personal attack on him and millions of others, he hatches a plan to seduce Ashwood and expose him in a special report.

New World Rising. A new world is rising for Alex Markham as he watches a Moral League candidate win the election for State Governor. His home city of Topeka, Kansas is about to change in ways he’d never imagined. Only he and his partner Blake Madison stand in the way of the governor using the law to punish the GLBT community of Topeka. As dark times threaten their jobs and even their lives, will Alex and Blake have the courage to stand up for what they believe while coming to terms with their feelings for one another?

2228/2243: Weeping Willow:  In 2228, as the Culture Wars were beginning, Edwin found himself falling for the fragile and vulnerable Jesse, a fellow student. As dark winds of political change swept across the nation, Jesse’s fear grew and Edwin watched the man he loved become consumed by obsession and terror. Reminiscing on the past, Edwin decides to return to the place where it all began – underneath the university’s willow tree, to see if he can find a resolution to the ghost of a love that has haunted him for fifteen long years.

2238-2243: Written In The Snow (Culture Wars #2). In this prequel to Written In The Stars, the Culture Wars are in full swing, with the Freedom Alliance fighting the Moral League for control of Washington D.C., which now stands in ruins. The symbols of America are looted and burned, but the war goes on for the P.R. campaign, with both sides trying to claim they have won the nation.

2243: Written In The Stars (Culture Wars #1). Rejected by his family for his homosexuality, Samuel Walden finds himself joining the Freedom Alliance’s Space Force. Posted to the fleet’s flagship, the Northampton, Sam meets the ship’s crew officer, Major Tom Averay, and the two embark on a relationship that will change their lives.

The war between the Moral League and the Freedom Alliance ends in this year.

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