Apologies for the downtime.

I’m sorry for the downtime. Everything should be back up now. It was my mistake.

I’m hoping to update soon with a sneak peek of Written In Stone, and a cover reveal. I’m also planning to keep going with Magic Man, so expect a new chapter soon. Stay tuned!

What I’ve Been Up To

Greetings, dear readers.

I’ve been very busy with a number of projects this month. One is an M/M fantasy romance novella, complete at 18k. One is an F/F/M bisexual sci-fi erotic romance which clocked in at 50k, completing my Camp NaNoWriMo challenge in just 18 days. Finally, to round out the creative spree I’m on, I’m finishing up an M/M dragon shifter novella I started last November, which should be done at around 25k. I’m looking forward to polishing all these stories up and sending them out to publishers.

I know my reviews have suffered. I’ve been thinking a lot about it, and I’ve decided I won’t be reviewing any titles that come from a press I’ve signed a contract with. That seems like too much of a conflict of interest. I’m actually wondering if I should wrap up the reviews entirely. I don’t want to go into detail, but I’ve been the recipient of an annoying message from the sockpuppet of an author behaving badly after I DNF’d one of their works a few months ago. Sometimes it seems like too much hassle. I also don’t think people really read my reviews on the website. Let me know if you think I should continue. There are a lot of great reviewers out there who cover things in a way more timely manner than I can. Maybe I should try different content on this site, like excerpts of works in progress, blog posts about writing, etc. Let me know what you would like to see.

I really want to concentrate more on writing and editing. That needs to be my focus if I’m going to succeed. I love what I do and I hope to deliver a lot more this year for you guys. One novel release last year was just not enough. This year I have nothing for you yet, as Written In Stone is stuck in editing hell and I’m in limbo waiting to hear about some other stuff. I’m looking forward to hopefully delivering some good news soon, though.

New Cover for New World Rising and a New Year

So, I’ve been teaching myself some nifty image editing skills while I’m on vacation over the New Year, and I wanted to update a cover I’ve really never been very fond of: that of New World Rising. I really like the new cover and I’d love your feedback on it as well, as this is probably a basic style I’m going to stick with for future releases.

Without further ado, I present to you the new cover for New World Rising:

Images courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net Man Behind A Window by graur razvan ionut Building Silhouettes by phanlop88

Images courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Man Behind A Window by graur razvan ionut
Building Silhouettes by phanlop88

You may notice it now says “A New World Rising Story” instead of “A Culture Wars Story”. This is because I have a prequel series in the works that details the political climate leading up to the Culture Wars (along with some wonderful m/m romance of course!), and New World Rising is more in line with that series.

I wish you all a Happy New Year and a healthy, wealthy and wonderful 2014. Thanks for your support over what has been an emotionally challenging and life-changing year. I promise a greater number of releases next year now that I’ve found my feet. That’s my New Year’s resolution and you can hold me to that!