NaNoWriMo update #2

While I really want to get 50k in November, I feel like it may not happen. I have just over 12k, and we’re almost half way through November. While I can get 3k on a good writing day, obligations are eating up more and more of that time. Furniture deliveries. House repairs. Trying to sleep for my night job.

However, what’s most important to me is to get a finished story. And that the writing I’m doing feels right, which it does. I feel that The Heart Of The Sun is going to be good, and that, to me, is what matters. Even if I have to work into December to get a finished novel.

The reason I chose to participate in NaNo this year was because I’ve been having trouble getting around to writing, and I wanted something to give me a kick up the butt to get back to work on actual writing, as opposed to editing and other stuff. That, at least, has worked.

Don’t think I’m giving up, either! I have four days off later this month and I have cleared out all obligations. I intend to work my butt off. Most I’ve ever written in a day is 11k. Can I beat that? Let’s see!

Regardless of victory or failure, I’m happy to be working on a project that’s “just for fun”. After that, it’ll be back to the grind of editing hell!

NaNoWriMo update.

It’s Day One of NaNoWriMo, and I’m changing my novel idea already! I want to write something brighter and more hopeful. The Game is still floating around in my head, but it goes to dark places that I cannot follow right now.

I also owe a nice little group on Goodreads a challenge story. So I figured why not do that, and make everyone happy.

Now I actually have to get some words down on the page.


I apologize for my recent absence from writing. I moved somewhat abruptly and had no access to the Internet or my computer for a while. The dust is still settling, but I hope to get back to work ASAP on Hearts On Fire and I still hope to participate in this year’s NaNoWriMo event. I’m hoping to get Hearts On Fire out by Xmas, and I apologize again for the repeated delays. Nobody is more disappointed than I am about the lack of writing on my schedule.