Short Stories now available on All Romance E-Books!

As of today, my short story titles are now available on All Romance E-Books! Stop by and pick up short story Perfect Drug for FREE in .pdf, .epub and .mobi formats.

In other news, the art for Hearts On Fire is coming along, I received a sketch this week. Very excited to see the final cover image and hoping to have Hearts On Fire released within the month of August!

An update on my current projects:

Written In Stone: 10k+ words
White Knights: Planning Chapter Two
Planning to revamp some of my f/f short stories and release them for free within the next few months; also plan to edit The White Ship and Daughters of Gaia for general release within the year.

Smashwords Editions

My short stories New World Rising, Perfect Drug and Weeping Willow are now available to buy on Smashwords! Smashwords has versions of the stories for most e-readers, so you now have more choice in how to read my work.

Written In The Stars will follow as soon as the 90-day period of exclusivity in the Amazon KDP Select program expires.

Hearts On Fire

My latest project, yaoi novel Hearts On Fire, is going to begin tomorrow.

Here’s how it works:

-New chapters will be posted here as and when they are written.
-Chapters will remain up until seven days after the entire novel is finished.
-Book will then be published in paperback, for purchase.
-Chapters will be raw, unedited (but spellchecked!) content.
-I encourage comments as the work is in progress.

Hearts On Fire is going to be about two guys who embark on an affair. One is married with a daughter, the other single and lonely, waiting for the right guy to come along. It’s going to get messy! I hope you will read it.

If there are any features you want to see on the site, let me know.

Welcome to Infinite Love!

Hello, and welcome to Infinite Love, my Yaoi and Yuri website! Free stories are all uploaded now, but please check the Yaoi and Yuri parent pages under Free Stories for story details and warnings before you read – stories are not suitable for all ages!

Novel pages are up and running. Written In The Stars is edited and is just waiting for cover art before proceeding with publication. Keep checking back for updates!