The Last Days of Crystalia
Summary: Sequel to The Last Days of Ashvalaria. Kendra and Iliyana escaped the fall of Ashvalaria, but a year later Iliyana is still riddled with guilt about the people and the kingdom she left behind…
Genres: Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Romance
Warnings: Mild Violence, Mild Sexual Content
Word Count: 8505

Frozen Flame
Summary: Each year, the two high mages of Wynter and Pyria, the lands of ice and fire, come to the Neutral Lands to sign a treaty… What will happen when climate change brings these two lands to the brink of crisis and the two mages find they are in love?
Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Action/Adventure
Warnings: Mild Sexual Content
Word Count: 8469

Selesti’s Sanctuary
Summary: A White Ship Story, set after Saving Selesti. Selesti has found her own sanctuary at the temple Alandra sent her to, but the threat of the Moral Revolution still looms. Will Selesti be able to convince the priestesses that they need to fight back or will the Moral Revolution spell the end of Selesti’s new life?
Genres: Fantasy, Drama, Romance
Warnings: Violence, Mention of rape
Word count: 10381

Saving Selesti
Summary: A White Ship Story. When Selesti leaves the White Ship in San Ria, she is desperate. Meeting a brothel owner named Alandra leads her down an unlikely path to love, salvation and a sanctuary of her own.
Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Warnings: Violence, Strong Sexual Content
Series: The White Ship
Word count: 8115

The Chains of Fate
Summary: Ichiko and Sashiro are in love, but Sashiro has been promised to a lord she met only as a child. Will Sashiro be able to break free of the life set out for her or will she be bound by the chains of fate forever?
Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Word count: 3144

Love And Hate
Summary: The prospect of Proposition 8 looms over the heads of a married lesbian couple in California, Ashley and Leila. Together, they must face the aftermath of Election Day and the bittersweet knowledge that while they have the President they want, their rights are lost.
Genres: Drama
Warnings: Political Opinions
Word count: 2844

All That Remains
Summary: When her world is destroyed by nuclear war, Raina must give up all she knows and enter into an uncertain future as part of an experiment to reseed the human race. When she wakes, however, all is not as she expected it to be…
Genres: Sci-Fi, Romance
Warnings: Sexual Content
Word count: 4014

Lament Of The Angels
Summary: Safira has been reborn as an Angel, with no memories of her past life. One day, while roaming the Kingdom of Heaven, she finds the girl who has the key to her memories, and rediscovers the world she lost.
Genres: Fantasy, Romance
Warnings: None
Word count: 2963

The Last Days Of Ashvalaria
Summary: Iliyana is the queen of a small country called Ashvalaria which has been at war with Dragavia for thirty years. At peace negotiations, she is presented with a slave as a gift. Naming her Kendra, she promises to give her freedom and an education. As the two grow closer, they are drawn into a struggle between their feelings and the future of Ashvalaria.
Genres: Fantasy, Romance
Warnings: Adult Language, Strong Sexual Content, Violence
Word count: 11105

Hikane Of The Wind
Summary: Hikane held back from joining the war against Dezmeria because she was afraid. But after the death of her brother and reports of Dezmerian crimes, she enlists, only to end up serving under the beautiful Lady Arania. But Arania has a secret that will change the direction of the war and both their lives. Complete!
Genres: Fantasy
Warnings: Strong Sexual Content
Word count: 8977

Perpetual Blue
Summary: In a world ravaged by a parasitic virus called the Blue, Ashei and Leila struggle between their duty as some of the last survivors to procreate and the love between them.
Genres: Sci Fi, Romance
Warnings: None
Word count: 3406

Ocean’s Desire
Summary: Avalia returns to her home, Shorestone, after a long absence. But the town is plagued by a Siren, and Avalia will find many questions of her own answered when she confronts this mysterious ocean creature…
Genres: Fantasy
Warnings: Mild Sexual Content
Word count: 3526

Rise From The Ashes
Summary: Alice is cast to play a lesbian character in a play, and the role will change her life forever, opening her heart up to love in ways she never expected.
Genres: Romance
Warnings: Strong Sexual Content
Word count: 9807

Summary: Mina is being abused by her father, and uses her imagination to escape from it. But her places of sanctuary are crumbling away. Crying out for help, she meets a girl called Farisa in her mind, who helps her to get help for herself.
Genres: Drama
Warnings: Rape, Violence, Child Abuse
Word count: 6629

Goodbye, Guardian Angel
Summary: Shania says goodbye to her best friend, not understanding the feelings growing inside her.
Genres: Romance
Word count: 1519

Lost Dreams
Summary: Jessica’s hospital stay leads her to the room of a comatose girl called Andrea where she learns a tragic and moving story that will change her life forever.
Genres: Romance
Warnings: Mild Sexual Content
Word count: 5578

Enduring Promise
Summary: Sarah and Hinato made a promise to always be together in the clear skies of summer, but winter is coming…
Genres: Romance
Warnings: Mild Sexual Content
Word count: 1771

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