1. Urbanista

    There is a place for tragedy. Courage is needed for tragedy, for sure! Sometimes reading tragedies help us make sense of our grief in our own lives. On the other hand, I really don’t want to read about too much sadness when I’m having a hard time. That’s when I run for HEA stories. I don’t want my heroes to die when I’m blue.

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  2. Judi P

    I think tragedy has it’s moments. I don’t prefer them, but when I do come across one well… I just go with it. though… of course, I’m all sad for the next few minutes… or hour. LOL…

    Please count me in. thanks!


  3. With all the pain and suffering we live with today, I, personally, want to read happy endings (or at least, ‘for now’). Too many of us live life with some sort of degree of depression, I know I do, so when I read something that touches my heart, in a painful way, it stays with me for way too long and makes me wish even harder that I could fix things for others, even if those others are on paper.
    Happy Holidays!


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