New Release: Rise From The Ashes

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Alice Hartman dreams of becoming an actress. Fresh out of acting school, she searches for a job only to find she lacks connections and the size six body she needs to land a role as a movie star. Hearing a radio ad for a role in a stage play, she finds herself at the battered, run-down Delgrand Theater, where writer/actress Lucy Grady is staging the play of her dreams. She wants Alice to take the lead part, but the play is a lesbian tragic romance and Alice is straight… isn’t she?

Alice will find that acting can reveal the true nature of a person’s soul, stripped bare of society’s expectations as she becomes caught up in Lucy’s grand dream. But tragedy lies just around the corner. Is their fledgling love strong enough to survive their darkest hour, or will Alice find her greatest fears are stronger than her deepest love?

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