New World Rising

A Culture Wars Prequel Series

220 or so years from now, a grim new dawn is rising for the former United States. Split into sovereign states by the dissolution of federal government, education is on the decline and fundamentalist religion starts to fill the gap in people’s lives caused by unemployment, poverty and hopelessness.

The Moral League has found a scapegoat in its political campaign – the LGBTQ community and non-traditional families. Incensed at Net videos and what it sees as a shift away from Biblical values, the League stirs the pot of hatred and incites violence while masquerading as a respectable political party in order to gain votes.

The League’s true intentions are seen when they take California in a shock election victory and riots shake San Francisco in an event later known as the Purge. Books are burned and people killed in weeks of violence the League encourages yet denies involvement in. The Alliance takes California back with military force, setting the stage for war but the League is gaining power in the South, winning elections across the board.

Only a few brave souls stand in the way of the League’s power grab and a repeat of the Purge in cities across their states. The stakes have never been higher for these individuals whose very lives are on the line as they fight against the new world rising before them.

Images courtesy of Man Behind A Window by graur razvan ionut Building Silhouettes by phanlop88

Images courtesy of
Man Behind A Window by graur razvan ionut
Building Silhouettes by phanlop88

New World Rising #0: New World Rising

The year is 2228. The Moral League has come to Kansas in the form of Nigel Nelson, extremist candidate for Governor. Alex and Blake, two beat cops with a passion for justice and donuts are the only ones standing in the way as a dark cloud of hatred sweeps across the hearts and minds of colleagues and friends. As people they once knew walk down a dark path towards persecution and cruelty, Alex and Blake realize there’s more between them then they’ve ever let themselves admit, but time is running out as a new world rises before them… one that is crueler than they ever could have imagined.



New World Rising #1: Written In Stone

The year is 2228. Bill Ashwood is set to become the most powerful man in Florida since the separation of America into individually governed states. Discovered by the League and primed to win the gubernatorial election, Bill is expected to give the voters what they want – a fiery speech condemning gays in America. Despite his reservations, Bill goes ahead and gives the speech, but the seeds of doubt are planted in his mind. Along with the secret desires he harbors in his dreams, Bill’s poised for a change of heart that will ensure  nothing in his life will ever be the same again.

Daniel Wilson – a journalist for the Miami Reporter – receives a late night phone call asking him to watch the video of Ashwood’s speech. Incensed by what he sees as a personal attack on him and millions of others, he hatches a plan to seduce Ashwood and expose him in a special report.

Seduction is never easy, and soon Daniel finds himself falling for Ashwood, who claims to want out of the hateful riots planned by his campaign manager. If Ashwood wants to bring down the League’s campaign in Florida, he’ll have to take off his mask and tell the world the truth about his affair – but the League will go to any lengths to keep their dirty laundry under wraps.

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