M/M: True Nature

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WARNING: True Nature contains violent sex scenes that may be upsetting to some readers.

Price: $0.99/FREE for Amazon KU/KOLL users
Length: 3,985 words
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Senator Abel Valentine comes to the Orion Enterprises Pleasure Dock every year to have sex with the universe’s most dangerous alien, the X’afalel – the last of a race that Abel himself destroyed to end a war marked by rape and slavery. The X’afalel not only runs the risk of killing him, but has a one-in-three chance of transferring a deadly parasite that will slowly consume his organs. Pleasure Dock owner and employee D’hasa Sanxi is secretly in love with Abel and tries to stop him while attempting to fathom the reasons why a man so respected and loved would want to suffer through such a hellish and dangerous experience year after year.

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