M/M: Written In The Stars (Culture Wars #1)

Written In The Stars
Art by Isodora Legata.

The year is 2243. Mankind has reached for the stars, creating colonies on Saturn’s moon Titan and the cold, distant Nereid. Where man goes, war follows, and now two factions warring on Earth have taken their cultural and religious war into space in hopes of dominating Earth’s global government, the Assembly. On one side stands the Moral League, a loose grouping of religious nations and moral conservatives whose aim is to destroy the Freedom Alliance, a group of progressive nations who they claim is leading the human race towards destruction.

Rejected by his family for his homosexuality, Samuel Walden finds himself joining the Alliance’s Space Force. Posted to the fleet’s flagship, the Northampton, Sam meets the ship’s crew officer, Major Tom Averay, and the two embark on a relationship that will change their lives.

Love, war, humanity, friendship, sacrifice and death weave through this action-packed romantic novel. Will Sam and Tom work out their feelings in the midst of darkness and uncertainty? Will the Alliance survive against crushing odds to preserve the human rights it stands for? Find out in Written In The Stars!

Check out the book trailer, which has some great quotes from the novel:


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