F/F: Daughters Of Gaia

My first novel, written in 2006 right after coming out, Daughters Of Gaia is an f/f fantasy romance.

The kingdoms of Magicia and Termin had been at war for generations, caught in a never-ending struggle in which neither side prevailed. Magicia was blessed with the power of magic, with its mages able to control the four elements, while Termin used their knowledge of technology to craft armor for their knights. This powered armor allowed Termin knights to fly for short distances and become formidable adversaries on the battlefield. 

Queen Alina, inheriting the throne from her father who has been murdered, meets the Princess of Termin, Sakura, who has been captured and blamed for his killing. Instead of executing her, however, Alina works with Sakura to find her father’s true killer and eventually falls in love with Sakura. Torn between the duty to her country and her love for Sakura, the two set out to find an answer to end the war once and for all, and discover the truth behind the war that has torn their lives apart.

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