Review Guidelines

Can I submit my book for review on Infinite Love?

Reviews are currently closed. If I’ve accepted your book for review, I’ll take care of it in due course, but I’m not accepting new requests for review.

The work must be GLBT-themed in some way. Romance is preferred, though I’m also open to other titles that may be of interest to me such as coming out stories, identity-related stories etc. Infinite Love respects and embraces all colors of the rainbow.

We are actively seeking:

Lesbian titles
Trans* titles
GLBT fantasy and science fiction

We do accept:

Young/New Adult titles
Erotic titles (including BDSM)
Non-erotic romance
Short stories
Sibling or cousin incest (as long as all parties are 18+)

We do not accept:

Titles with scenes of bestiality, scat, watersports, snuff
Titles with characters under 18 engaging in explicit sexual acts
Incest with parents or other older or “in charge” family members, or involving characters under 18
Essays or non-fiction titles

I may be open on a case-by-case basis to:

Non-romantic titles with a strong GLBT character or theme
Rape, non-con, dub-con (warn me in your e-mail)

You must be willing to furnish a free .ePub version of your book (or a paperback, if you really want!) Send me an e-mail at admin (at) with a blurb and I’ll let you know if I’m interested.

Any material you share with me is confidential and will not be shared.

As of May 27th, 2013, I am rescinding the less than 3 star policy. All books that have previously been accepted for review by me will still be refused if their rating is lower; however I am coming across many books that, while not terrible, could definitely use some constructive criticism. I will not attack authors in said reviews or make any comments that are personally disrespectful, but I feel that in the interests of honest reviewing, I simply must be forthright with my readers if a book simply is not up to par.

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